Free data management workshops for the Public Sector

Guest blog by Gary Randle, UK Sales Manager, Cadcorp

If you work in government and want to maximise the benefit of geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping, becoming familiar with Ordnance Survey (OS) data products is a good place to start.  What OS products do we have?  How do we best load and manage these products?  How can these products complement our own business data?  For this reason, at Cadcorp, we’ve been running free onsite Ordnance Survey Data Management Workshops for central government.  The workshops are designed to introduce OS data products and offer practical advice about using and managing the data.

When customers first get access to OS products there are a number choices to make. The workshops are designed to help equip users with the knowledge to make the right choices for their organisation.  For example:

  • Background mapping or business intelligence
  • Data stack and scales
  • Styles and colours
  • Flat files or database
  • Direct access or web services

Having developed an understanding of the available OS products, attendees can consider how best to complement spatial data with GIS and web mapping software to achieve their objectives.

OS MasterMap in Cadcorp SIS®

While some government departments may be new to OS data products, others will have many years’ experience.  For experienced organisations the workshops provide a sanity check and the chance to discuss the implementation of relatively new data products, for example OS MasterMap Highways Network and OS Mastermap Topography Layers Building Heights.

In a recent Ordnance Survey Data Management Workshop with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) the focus was considering the many business applications for OS products.  We looked specifically at using OS Mastermap Highways Network for routing analysis and how attribution within AddressBase Premium could help target activity.

We found the workshop really informative.  Ordnance Survey data is key to achieving SCAS operational and strategic objectives. The Cadcorp workshop provided an opportunity to discuss new Ordnance Survey products and explore the options for loading, styling and sharing maps.

Steve Anfield, Critical System Manager, South Central Ambulance Service

Cadcorp will continue to run these workshops throughout January and February.  For more details including how to book, please go to https://www.cadcorp.com/news-events/ordnance-survey-data-management-workshops/.

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