OS Maps has a new 3D fly-through feature

Keswick Mountain Festival trail run.

Following the Easter indulgence, we’re releasing a new feature for OS Maps – the 3D fly-through. Perfect for planning GetOutside adventures with your friends and family or for justifying your chocolate consumption (just us?), you can visualise your whole route before you start your trip.

Getting a sense of a route is invaluable, but it can be tricky to do in advance. With our fly-through, you can ensure you are even more prepared for the great British outdoors. We’ve used a combination of our height dataset, aerial imagery and names data to create the new 3D fly-through for our premium OS Maps customers.

When planning your next adventure, our 3D fly-through gives you a better perspective of your route’s difficulty and its potential risks and dangers. The fly-through offers you an almost cinematic experience of your route before you get there. It includes an elevation profile of your chosen route as well as point of interest labels for the surrounding areas.

OS Maps is perfect to help you plan an adventure quickly and safely, be it creating your own or following someone else’s route. The fly-through works to enhance any and every OS Maps route of which there are over 500,000 to pick from. Knowing the terrain in advance will help you better prepare: from avoiding exposed knife-edge ridges to knowing where best to stop for a good view (and a well-deserved break!).

Try out OS Maps 3D fly-through online and on your phone’s browser. The new feature isn’t currently available through the app.

To find out more about our premium OS maps subscription service go to our website. You can use many basic functions for free as a registered user or alternatively, sign up to enjoy all the benefits of a premium subscription from just £2.99 a month.

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12 Responses

  1. Neil


    I have just started using premium features, and have a couple of questions 🙂

    is there any way of sharing a fly-through to friends?
    Is there a tracking app for smart watches (samsung S3)?


    1. Jocelyn

      Hi Neil, thank-you for your query. For now you are unable to share fly-through routes via OS Maps, however you can share the route prior to fly-through. Regarding tracking apps, there are none at this current time. Hope this helps, Jocelyn

  2. The Nomad

    I’m ‘signed up’ and logged in, but fly-through simply gives me a black screen!

    What does your “Try out OS Maps 3D fly-through online and on your phone’s browser. The new feature isn’t currently available through the app.” mean?

    1. Hi Will

      Not at the moment Will, as it’s quite battery-hungry, so we’ve kept it online as more of a planning resource. If the dev team find a way around that, they’ll certainly look to include it.

      Thanks, Gemma

    1. Jocelyn

      Hi Gerry, I have checked with the product team and unfortunately there is not the option to slow down the speed of the fly-through. I have passed your comment on to them as feedback. Many thanks, Jocelyn

  3. Al

    Is there any way to download a video of the fly through?
    I would love to use this feature so that the DofE groups I work with can show their parents a flythrough of their route via the school website.

  4. Ron Maxwell

    When I try the fly through on my route it goes in the wrong direction and shows terrain to the north of the route. The dot on the route follows it but is soon lost as the image pans upwards.

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