May 25, 2018


Are you a linear or are you a looper?

Do you prefer to keep to the straight and narrow? Or are you the type that goes around in circles?

Our Graduate Consultant Data Scientist, Jacob Rainbow, has conducted an analysis on the walking preferences of OS Maps app users.

One interesting aspect he has discovered is that there is an almost fifty-fifty split in the publicly available routes across Great Britain that can be walked in a day (25km or less). Of the 150,000 ‘returning’ routes that qualified under Jacob’s criteria, 46% are linear. This means they are ‘there and back’ walks, where people retrace their steps along the same path and cover the same ground.

Whereas the other 54% of routes are of a more looped nature. These are the walks where you feel like you’re constantly moving forward, seeing new things and eventually find yourself back where you started.

One of the most popular ‘looped routes’ in Great Britain: the Pyg Track ascent of The Snowdon Horseshoe.

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