Project Iceberg – join us for our industry workshop

Are you a local authority, a utility company or a highways agency with underground assets? If so, you may be interested in our Project Iceberg industry workshop on 27 June.

Project Iceberg is a collaborative project between us, the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Future Cities Catapult (FCC) to explore how to better capture, collect and share data about underground assets and geological conditions.

So far in phase one, we have addressed the serious issue regarding the lack of information about the ground beneath our cities and the uncoordinated way in which the subsurface space is managed. The industry and government responses to this work has been very encouraging.

From this, one of our key concepts is a data exchange framework for the subsurface that can be integrated with existing city data systems. This would be a consistent framework into which data is supplied, assured, stored, accessed and analysed by a multitude of users, whilst appropriately safeguarding privacy and security.

Project Iceberg has started to investigate ways to join up data and services delivered by a range of organisations to integrate it with other city data. Our intention is to take these concepts forward with a range of project partners to develop new digital data demonstrator projects.

We would like it if you could join us for our industry workshop on 27 June. We’ll be discussing the applications of a city data exchange framework for subsurface data and identify consortia to develop our pilot projects.

The preliminary agenda:

13:30 – Arrival tea and coffee
13:45 – Introduction to Project Iceberg
14:00 – Market analysis and case studies – what have we missed?
14:30 – Data life cycle – what is the priority? What is disruptive to existing business models?
15:30 – What are the high priority use case applications?
16:30 – Building consortia for the demonstrator projects

Spaces at the workshop are limited, so please email projecticeberg@os.uk by Thursday 14 June to reserve your place. The address of the workshop is Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, London. EC1R 0BE.

Find out more about phase one of Project Iceberg:

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