Pleasure pier quiz

As we begin the summer holidays and the heatwave continues, you may well find yourself heading to a beach with a pleasure pier. But which is the longest pleasure pier in Great Britain?

We’ve come up with the stats for the top 10 longest pleasure piers in Great Britain according to the National Piers Society, and we even have the dates of when they opened and original sizes of the ones which have had extensions.

From the images of the pleasure piers below and a couple of stats, can you work out which pier is which? Let us know the answers here on the blog.

Pier 1.

Current length: 7080 ft.

Pier 2.

Located in the north west.

Opened in 1860.

Pier 3.

Original length: 530 ft.

Current length: 2600 ft.

Pier 4.

Located on the Isle of Wight.

Pier 5.

Original length: 1234 ft.

Current length: 2295 ft.

Pier 6.

Located in the south.

Opened in 1881.

Pier 7

Located in the south east.

Current length: 1760 ft.

Pier 8

Located in Wales.

Current length: 1500 ft.

Pier 9.

Original length: 1410 ft.

Current length: 1318 ft.

Pier 10.

Opened in 1904.

Current length: 1200 ft.

Disclaimer: Lowestoft South Pier is a concrete bastion for the south side of the harbour and Weymouth Pier is also part of a port entrance. This top 10 is solely pleasure piers!

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3 Responses

  1. Peter Lee

    1. Southend-on-Sea
    2. Southport
    3. Walton-on-the-Naze
    4. Ryde
    5. Llandudno
    6. Hythe
    7. Brighton Palace
    8. Bangor
    9. Blackpool North
    10. Weston-super-Mare

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