Football stadiums all mapped out

With the English football season about to kick-off for 2018-19, our GeoDataViz team have been visualising the 92 football league grounds in one huge poster. The Premier League, The Championship, League One and League Two grounds have all been mapped using OS OpenData and put in order by stadium capacity.

The 92

From Manchester United (capacity 75,643) to Forest Green Rovers (capacity 4,803), Joe Harrison (Sheffield Wednesday fan in case you are wondering) has used the club colours to plot each team’s stadium.

The ground’s stretch from Newcastle in the North to Plymouth Argyle in the South West and Norwich City in the East. Checking in our database, we identified Carlisle United’s Brunton Park is the most remote stadium, sited over 83km from the next stadium on our poster, St James’ Park in Newcastle.

Forest Green Rovers bag two records on our poster, having both the smallest capacity and being on the highest ground at 163.15m. The Den, Millwall’s ground, is the lowest at just 1.27m.

The two closest grounds? Notts County (Meadow Lane) and Nottingham Forest (City Ground) with just 415m between the centre points of the two stadiums.

Joe created the poster by loading the centre point of each stadium into QGIS and drawing a 2km buffer around each one. He used OS Open Map-Local to pick up all the surrounding buildings and water and styled up the stadiums and buildings according to the colours of each team. From there, it was exporting the separate files and uploading them to Adobe Photoshop to create the final poster layout.

Find out more

The poster is best viewed at A0 to see all of the detail, so we’ve put the files on our Flickr page for you to download. We’ve also added the 92 individual stadiums for you to take a closer look.

If you’ve visited all 92 stadiums on the poster, give us a tweet!

Win a canvas print of The 92

Want to win an A0 canvas print of the 92 football league grounds? Just tell us which ground on the poster has the smallest capacity? Post your answers on the blog by midnight on Friday 24 August.

Terms and conditions.

Extra facts:

St Mary’s is 86th highest (3.93m)

Goodison Park is 52nd highest (40.08m)

Hillsborough ranks 35th (63.04m)

New Meadow ranks 30th (68.37m)

Note that the information on trophies was from Wikipedia and the information on ground capacities and names was from footballgroundguide.com.


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103 Responses

  1. James Goodyear

    Depending on which source you use the New Lawn either seats 4,803 or 5,032 (football ground guide vs wikipedia) record attendance is 4,803. Making the Kingsmeadow – AFC Wimbledon the smallest capacity at 4,850.

    (Sorry to be that person)

  2. Stephen Moore

    The New Lawn, of course.

    This is an interesting way to present mapping data and I like the concept of using data in this way. Thanks 🙂

    Also, I’d be interested to explore how the use of data in this way can impact the experience of OS users – something that is often missing from Big Data conversations.

    It’s the ‘so what’ element and this type of data usage could help many people when planning their community projects and fund raisers.

  3. Charlie Dawson

    I notice you have have included Welsh football stadia. What about Scotland? I assume OS still maps all parts of GB?

    1. Hi Charlie

      We’re specifically looking at the 92 teams playing in the English football league – and there are a handful of Welsh teams which play in the English league. We haven’t looked at the Welsh Football League or the Scottish Football League this time. That could be a project for another time maybe!

      Thanks, Gemma

  4. Viridis1886

    Forest Green Rovers. The ‘other’ team that pretend to to be the Green Army. There is only one. @Only1Argyle.

  5. James Holden

    The New Lawn.
    Capacity of 4,803 according to Footballgroundguide.com.
    Home of Forest Green Rovers.
    It’s also the first UN certified carbon-neutral ground.

  6. Pauline Eccles

    Well this has perked up our Sunday morning, really interesting presentation of the data, so thanks.
    Smallest capacity is The New Lawn, home to Forest Green Rovers.

  7. Heather

    Forest Green Rovers at the New Lawn stadium has the smallest capacity. I love the mapping and my football mad son would love the canvas!

  8. Charlotte Johnson

    The New Lawn, Forest Green Rovers, which I find oddly satisfying because we just named our new baby boy ‘Forrest’

  9. Pete King

    Hi. Is this print available to purchase in any format? I would particularly be interested in a print of one particular stadium, thanks.

  10. Tina Ellis

    On the poster, the smallest groundbelongs to Forest Green Rovers, The New Lawn. This is a wicked prize btw!

  11. Colin Roberts

    Forest Green Rovers, The New Lawn. I was there last season for FGR 3 Stevenage 1. 44 of the current 92 done.

  12. Daisy Taylor

    Forest Green Rovers Stadium, The New Lawn. Thanks.

    Great visualisation of the current 92 Football League Clubs although Boltons Macron Stadium is now called the University of Bolton Stadium for 2018 til 2021.

  13. Michael Jackson

    It’s Forest Green Rovers. The only village football team in the football league. Wonderful views of the Cotswold Way and Woodchester park if you are positioned well.

  14. Natalie bennett

    Forest Green Rovers has the smallest.
    My whole family would adore this- it would get pride of place here with asporty/geographical household❤

  15. The New Lawn, Forest Green Rovers. Why it’s not called The New Ecotricity Lawn I’m not sure! Maybe they’re saving that for when Dale funds another stand!!!

  16. Richard Goodman

    The New Lawn ground where Forest Green Rovers play has the smallest capacity. It’s at SO 83657 00048 or ///nerd.sneezing.occupy for the centre circle, although ///kicked.whiplash.forwarded seems relevant for the approximate entrance! If I were to win, then I would auction it off to benefit https://footballbeyondborders.org

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