Meet the team: Teena Munden

We’d like to put some friendly faces to the people working at OS and showcase the wide variety of work we do. As today is the International Day of Charity, we’re starting with Teena Munden, Business Centre Manager and chief fundraiser at OS. 

How long have you worked for OS?

I celebrated my 10-year OS anniversary last month!

How long have you been in your current role?

While I have always worked within the business centre, I started out as a Business Centre Executive. Five years ago, I applied for my current managerial role. It felt like a natural progression and, while I was nervous about the increased responsibility, I feel I have thrived as Business Centre Manager. OS has been very accommodating over the years and despite my promotion I was able to continue working part-time to fit in with childcare.

Teena with Solent Mind CEO Kevin Gardner, left and former OS CEO Nigel Clifford, right

Can you describe your working day?

Due to the nature of my job, I really can’t give you an example of a typical day. It is so varied, it’s different every day. As well as managing my team, I can be working on anything from liaising with internal stakeholders to arranging charity film screenings! I do love the variety though, especially as I get to interact with so many different people internally and externally to the business.

What are you working on right now?

A significant part of my role is charity-related, and recently I have been working on a volunteer showcase video to encourage employees to use their paid volunteering days. Similarly, I have been arranging our internal fete-themed event for the UN’s International Day of Charity today, 5 September. Alongside this, I am also recruiting for a new receptionist and sifting through dozens of applications!

What are your favourite parts of your job?

I enjoy many aspects of my role, but the charity fundraising is my favourite. I really embrace the opportunity to give back to the community and setting up fundraising initiatives for employees to get involved in is always a highlight. My others would be speaking at new joiner inductions and arranging work experience. I like talking about what we do here at OS and I love hearing about how much our work experience employees enjoyed their time with us.

What is your OS highlight?

I have to say my highlight is not only being nominated for a British Empire Medal but that I was awarded it thereafter by the queen! I was nominated by my CEO at the time for my contribution to corporate fundraising. At the time our charity was Solent Mind and I am proud to say over two years we raised over £30,000! While I am delighted to have been awarded this honour, all I did wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the support from the business centre team and involvement from OS colleagues.

What are you excited to work on (or continue working on) in the future?

I am helping organise a gala evening in November where our workplace choir Off the Scale will show off their vocals. These events always see a good turnout and raise a good amount of money. However, in the more long-term I have a goal I am particularly excited for. With our current charity Southampton Hospital Children’s Charity, the government has promised to match fund to £50,000 if we raise £25,000! Judging by our success with Solent Mind, I am sure we can make this happen.

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