October 26, 2018


Great Britain’s largest islands – poster now available

If you loved our data visualisation showing Great Britain’s largest islands – great news, it’s now available to buy. In case you missed it at the time, our GeoDataViz team worked with Alasdair Rae at the University of Sheffield to explore Britain’s largest islands. They found that there are 82 English, Scottish and Welsh islands larger than 5km2 and created this beautiful poster to showcase their work.

We were overwhelmed with the fantastic response to the poster and inundated with hundreds of questions, many asking about missing islands. As we were only looking at Great Britain’s islands, this didn’t include Northern Ireland’s islands, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. You can see more about the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and our Crown Dependencies in this blog. There are many more islands around Great Britain smaller than 5km2 – they’re just not included on the poster.

We also had a lot of requests for a printed poster, and our friends at the University of Sheffield have made this happen. There are a limited number of posters available, at A1 size which you can buy on their website for £15. Read More