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As Christmas draws closer, nights lengthen and temperatures drop, many people will be doing their Christmas shopping, mince pie baking and Christmas card writing. This is also one of the busiest times of year for many businesses. Utility companies need to ensure people remain warm, online shopping delivery companies are frantically getting Christmas presents delivered on time, and the financial sector is processing and validating purchases.

This is all of course not forgetting Santa and his elves getting ready for the all-important night of 24 December. Most of the time as members of the public we can simply sit back and enjoy some festive treats why this all happens seamlessly without us even thinking about it.

We might venture out into the ever increasingly bracing weather for the traditional family walks possibly using one of our OS paper maps, something our brand is most known for. These maps are what made OS famous, but analytical data products are now how OS supports ever increasing numbers of businesses delivering these vital services to you over Christmas, and throughout the rest of the year.

In partnership with GeoPlace since late 2011, OS has made a definitive view of all addresses in Great Britain available through a portfolio of products called AddressBase. These products bring the best data together from multiple sources including OS, local authorities, Royal Mail and the Valuation Office Agency. Contained within these products are an accurate location for over 40 million addresses; that’s a lot of work for Santa! These products do not only make available the address text and location – meaning you can find all 324 Christmas Cottages within GB – but can also give additional information such as the property type and status.

Since launch many enhancements have been made. A complete revamp was made in 2015 which brought multiple new features and the coverage of the products grew from GB to UK and its islands (Channel Islands and Isle of Man) in 2016.

The AddressBase product suite now supports over 2,000 customers across multiple sectors including financial, retail, utilities and the entirety of the public sector. You may think addresses are fairly static, but a product update is issued every six weeks and can contain over 1 million changes! This highlights how vital it is for these customers to remain up to date with the rapidly changing environment which is addressing in Great Britain.

While we are delighted with the achievements made with this product so far, we are excited about 2019 and the continuous improvements and advancements we will make. We hope to make AddressBase suite’s eighth year the best ever!

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