Glasgow 2018 European Championships and OS data

During August 2018 the cities of Glasgow (UK) and Berlin (DE) jointly-hosted the inaugural edition of the European Championships, a new and exciting multi-sport event. The Glasgow 2018 European Championships brought together some of our continent’s leading athletes. The city of Glasgow and Scotland hosted aquatics, cycling, golf, gymnastics, rowing and triathlon with athletics and the marathon being hosted in Berlin. In total, there were 11 competition days, 12 sports venues and 188 medal events. More than 3,000 athletes travelled to Scotland while 1,500 athletes competed in Berlin.

Combining the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS Online platform technology with highly detailed geospatial data from OS, Glasgow City Council created web mapping applications for planning and operational purposes prior to and throughout the event.

The use of web mapping applications was vital in assisting with the planning, staffing and operational elements of the venues and cycling routes, particularly the events which involved public roads.

Games Time: Time Trial Sector Road Closures.

Incorporating OS mapping data, Glasgow City Council were able to show so much more than simply the race routes. Using the interactive ‘layer tab’, the user could set the map to display marshals, stewards, crossing points, signage, medical and crew locations, toilets, barriers and coning as well as road closures.

Games Time: Time Trial Cycling with Emergency markers.

Before and during the championship, these mapping applications were heavily used by key teams such as event management, operations control centre and by ground-based staff on mobile devices. With a variety of OS basemap styles and resolutions that the user could select from, the applications were also shared with emergency services, neighbouring local authorities, G4S Security and various other private agencies working on behalf of the council.

Oliver Penman, Senior Information Officer GIS, Glasgow City Council said: “OS datasets were instrumental to spatially identify addresses in ‘lockdown’ areas which would be affected by road closures during events. This proved invaluable in providing information to services such as home care, social services and refuse collection.”

OS had a very active presence in the dedicated GIS group for the event and worked tirelessly to provide practical help, ensuring that our mapping and address data was as up-to-date as possible ahead of the Championships. We made sure our large-scale topographic maps and the derived small scales were current and synchronised prior to the Games starting so that users had access to the same set of consistent information irrespective of basemap or zoom level.

Having been involved in supporting London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tour de France Grand Depart 2014, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup 2015, we know how fundamental geospatial information is to the successful planning and the safe, secure and enjoyable running of major events. This was a collaborative effort of many teams across the business. We are delighted to have been part of Glasgow 2018 European Championship and hope to get involved in future events held in Scotland, GB and worldwide.

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