OS Open Zoomstack released today

OS Open Zoomstack is now available as a fully supported open data product. Thanks to the 1200 people who took part in our trial and gave us feedback and helped bring this product to life.

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What is OS Open Zoomstack?

A comprehensive vector basemap of Great Britain, it’s fast and easy to use and takes you from national to local in one scroll of the mouse or pinch of the screen. It’s highly customisable and can be used in apps, on websites and even offline. Available as one file (in two different formats) our latest open data offering comes with styles, a simple data schema and guides to get you started.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Relevant data at all scales – from a GB overview to street level
  • Consistent and improved cartographic styling
  • Fully customisable mapping
  • Supplied as a single file
  • Updated twice yearly
  • Use across multiple platforms including Mapbox, ESRI, Tableau, QGIS, Cadcorp, MapInfo, Keplr.gl, Maputnik and many more
  • Easy to display third party data on the basemap
  • Accurate and authoritative data

OS Open Zoomstack on a mobile phone

What formats are available?

During testing, feedback showed that this new product provided improved accessibility to OS data. Feedback from our trial period also showed a clear preference for the GeoPackage and Vector Tile releases of OS Open Zoomstack and these two are launching today. We’ve also improved the cartography and made more stylesheets available to support your use of OS Open Zoomstack – there are now four styles to choose from in various formats.

During the trial last year, we also tested a Vector Tile API as an alternative means of access. Although not part of this launch, we will update the trial API with the new data while we plan the release of a fully supported version in the future. Please note that this will form part of our learning for opening up OS MasterMap data and may involve changes in the API URL at a minimum.

How can I use OS Open Zoomstack?

Early users of OS Open Zoomstack have called it a game-changer, impressive, inspiring and a real time saver. We’ve seen trial users as varied as the Met Police to National Parks and from Esri to the BBC and many different uses.

When the BBC ran a story on rent and affordability in Great Britain, they debuted a brand new interactive map made with OS Open Zoomstack. Europa Technologies have recently launched a new Vector Tile Service, making great use of the new dataset, and offering their customers a slick new mapping experience.

OS Partner AddressCloud embedded OS Open Zoomstack into a solution which supports risk analysis in the Financial Services sector and other Partners are now developing solutions in the Land & Property sector.

OS Open Zoomstack being used by AxisMaps

David Heyman from Axis Maps created a map in a day (image above) showing housing data across Britain and this site customised OS Open Zoomstack to show an open canal map.

Today we have used existing OS OpenData products for simplicity of the trial, but the technology is equally applicable to other OS data and products, including OS MasterMap and we intend to use this as part of our work on the opening up of OS MasterMap.

Sign up to our workshop on 7 February to find out more about OS Open Zoomstack and how to use OS data effectively – note that places are filling fast.

Or get started with OS Open Zoomstack: www.os.uk/zoomstack

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