RED January at OS

Inspired by the life-changing effect that a physical challenge had on her mum’s mental health, Hannah Beecham founded RED January to help people boost their own mental and physical health. From humble beginnings in 2015 comes a growing community of 60,000 REDers who are not just running but taking part in a multitude of different ways.

Exclusively partnering with leading mental health charity, Mind, in 2017, Hannah has deservedly experienced amazing success with RED January and we couldn’t be happier being a part of it.

Alongside Solent Mind being our corporate charity back in 2017, our product manager Egbe Manners took part in RED January by herself. Being part of the running club at OS, others soon got on board for the next one. Three years on, we have over 60 OS employees taking part in this year’s RED January!

Our amazing RED January team are covering all kinds of exercise including rowing, yoga, pump class, boxing, open sea swimming, cycling and bowling. Jo Shannon, Director of engineering, is even taking part on maternity leave! The team are so committed that they are even demonstrating their determination in other countries.

As an associate project manager, Chloe Riggs sometimes travels for work. Despite her currently being placed in Dubai, it hasn’t stopped her commitment. Although it makes for a more scenic run, the willpower is undeniable. Similarly, our acting CEO Neil Ackroyd is working out in America and is going for long walks around his hotel each day!

Chloe Riggs continuing RED January in Dubai.

OS employee relations manager Peta Bermingham said: “I’m amazed at the feeling of such a strong psychological contract once you’ve signed up. This means that on those days when you may usually have a rest from any activity at all, you push yourself on to do more, otherwise you feel you are letting the cause and your team REDers down. It’s inspiring to see what others are doing too.”

While the reason for RED January is to improve mental health, it is of course a good opportunity for fundraising. Our team have a fundraising page which includes both Solent Mind and our current corporate charity Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity. With a target of £500, so far they are 52% of the way with £261 (as of today), so there is still time to catch up!

Hannah Beecham, Founder of RED January, said: “It’s been incredible to see the RED community grow in support and strength in the lead up to January 2019. The thing we’ve seen the most is; ‘If it wasn’t for RED January, I definitely wouldn’t have done any exercise today.’

Thank you Team OS for continuing to be a very special part of this growing RED community. I’ve loved following your journey on Facebook and can see how your own workplace community has supported and motivated you along the way.

Gone are the days of people not looking forward to January, you’re helping to change that whilst also giving people a focus to support themselves during January and beyond.”

Hannah Beecham, Founder of RED January.

Donate to our RED January team to help #smashthestigma.

Our partnership with Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity and previous fundraising.

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