ScotLIS: Scotland’s land information service one year on

Guest blog by Registers of Scotland

Registers of Scotland is a non-ministerial government department that looks after registers relating to land, property and other legal matters. Two years ago Scotland’s Land Information Service (ScotLIS) was set up to transform our services and make land and property data more accessible to all.

Since then, the service has truly evolved. From early development through to launch, the ScotLIS team has very much focused on a customer-centric approach. An example of this is the initial user workshops held with a range of stakeholders, with customer collaboration continuing throughout the development lifecycle.

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Calum Shepherd, Service Owner, said: “We wanted to make sure that we were building a service with our customers, based upon their real needs – rather than what we thought they needed”.

In September 2017, the service was piloted with a wide range of different stakeholder groups in a variety of scenarios. Appropriate modifications were made that reflected the feedback from this pilot and in the following month, ScotLIS officially launched. Members of the ScotLIS team travelled across Scotland showcasing the new service, listening to feedback and gaining insight into how and why RoS data is used. This feedback has been captured through the ScotLIS user stories blog, where customers detail how ScotLIS helps them in their work. As confidence in the service grew, by November 2018 all business users were seamlessly transitioned from the legacy service to ScotLIS.

In 2019, the team will begin by turning their attention to the ScotLIS proposition for members of the public. Simplicity will be key, so the service will be structured around the core tasks that the public want to carry out when it comes to land and property enquiries. Some basic information, including boundaries and historic property prices, are already available on the service. It’ll soon include the option for the public to purchase their title information, which is a huge step forward for customers.

Keep an eye out on the Registers of Scotland website and blog for further updates.


ScotLIS is a service that enables both land and property professionals and members of the public to access land and property data. Properties can be searched by address, postcode or title number and results confirm if a property has been registered in the Land Register. The service also provides interactive map functionality to help users better identify the property they’re looking for and provide greater context to searches. ScotLIS draws from a range of Ordnance Survey (OS) products to deliver the service including OS VectorMap Local and OS MasterMap Topography Layer as the basemap layers on ScotLIS as well as AddressBase Plus to help with searching and location.

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