NHP partnership conference

Along with 17 other Government bodies, six years ago the Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) was created. This year, we’re delighted to be hosting the annual NHP conference on 26 and 27 March at our HQ in Southampton. Free to attend and aimed at professionals working in the natural hazards and resilience arena including government, responders and academia, register your interest and find out more below.

The vision

Ian Lisk, Chair of NHP.

The NHP’s vision is to be the UK’s trusted voice for coordinated natural hazard advice. Since the establishment of the NHP in 2011, we have been looking to build on the interdisciplinary expertise of our 17 partners to deliver natural hazards science, research and advice to Governments, Civil Contingency responders and other hazard resilience groups across the UK.

The background

Some of the most pioneering work of the NHP to date includes Hazard Impact Modelling (HIM) science, an intelligent method of producing impact and risk information for natural hazards. This approach moves away from focussing purely on the extent and magnitude of the hazard itself and considers the people, property and our surrounding infrastructure.

Conference overview

This year’s NHP ‘Fire, Flood and Space’ themed conference will be focussing on what’s current in the fields of surface water flooding, wildfire and hazards monitoring from space. As well as engaging delegates and provoking debate throughout the conference, we will be talking to our partners to ensure they are all getting the most out of our data.

As well as showcasing our surface water flooding HIM, we will be demonstrating the benefits of Astigan in this arena. Sir Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Advisor, is our keynote speaker (via recorded interview) so we can truly get a sense of what the UK Government’s hazards resilience priorities are.

We’ll be looking to use the outcomes of the conference to build on our successes over the last decade. These outcomes will also inform our future priorities, so please do come along and help support us

Register for the NHP 2019 conference and browse the NHP Website.

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