OS OpenData products now available in GeoPackage format

Four of our OS OpenData products are now available in GeoPackage format – an open standard from the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Following positive feedback on the GeoPackage format trial, where many of you asked us for a greater choice of formats, we made a commitment to make our data more accessible, interoperable and quicker to use.

On 10 April we released these four OS OpenData products in GeoPackage format, in addition to their existing formats:

  • OS Open Greenspace
  • OS VectorMap District
  • OS Terrain 50
  • Code-Point Open

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this list is longer than we originally announced. We hope to continue expanding the number of products available in additional formats.

What does this mean for the data?

These formats will now form part of our normal update cycle.

For OS Open Greenspace, this means that the GeoPackage has been produced with the normal April release, so the data you can download today is the most up to date.

For OS VectorMap District, OS Terrain 50 and Code-Point Open, the new format released today is a copy of the previous data, as the new refresh is not available yet. So, you can take the GeoPackage today but remember to check back in May (for VMD and Code-Point Open) and July (for Terrain 50) to get the refreshed data in your preferred format.

Try our data in GeoPackage now

On our OS OpenData portal, select your data in GeoPackage format and we’ll send you a download link. GeoPackage data is available as a whole GB download only.

We’ve also updated the technical documentation for these products, so they contain more information on GeoPackage and how the data works, and GeoPackage-specific stylesheets are available on GitHub.

For more information on the background of this release, have a look at our previous blog post.

Our Open Data is available under Open Government Licence.

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