June 25, 2019


The Green Space Index

We first got involved with Fields in Trust in the run up to the publication of OS Open Greenspace, our dataset of greenspaces in urban and rural areas and including parks, playing fields and sports grounds.

Fields in Trust is an independent charity that champions and supports parks and green spaces in the UK by protecting them for people to enjoy endlessly.

The Green Space Index has enabled Fields in Trust to take stock and analyse publicly accessible local park and green space provision within Great Britain (around 216,000 ha) for the first time.  It has been created to support their evidence-led approach calling for parks and green spaces to be revalued for the benefits they contribute to society and protected for future generations to enjoy.

South West screenshot of the Green Space Index.

It follows on from their Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces research in 2018 which demonstrated that these green spaces across the UK provide people with over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits. Additionally, this product offers the charity a baseline, so future iterations of our greenspace data will enable them to track trends in provision and population over time. Read More