Get to grips with OS APIs at our clean energy workshops 

Throughout July we’re running a series of OS API workshops around Britain to help you get to grips with OS data and understand how geospatial data can support clean energy initiatives.  

The free two-hour sessions involve hands-on work with our OS Maps and OS Places APIs and you’ll be able to increase your geospatial skills and find out how to make the most of OS data. Our Geovation team will be hosting the events and will share how their customers and partners are using OS data and how the team can support SMEs. Our Consultancy and Technical team will lead the API workshops to share their expertise in using OS data.  

We’ll use the workshop to focus on a specific problem space relating to clean energy, exploring solutions through the use of geospatial data and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which make data more accessible.   

What the OS API workshop covers 

  • Learn more about APIs – introduction to APIs, why they are important, terminologies, how to use them 
  • Optimise the value of OS APIs 
  • Get hand on practical advice on using APIs – how they work 
  • What else OS is planning with APIs 
  • Understand a specific problem space which relates to clean energy 

Interested in clean energy technology? 

After the workshops, our Geovation team will be available for another two hours to talk about their Clean EnergyTech Accelerator. There will be a series of presentations from public, private, academic and third sector organisations, followed by discussion and networking, around the Clean Energy Accelerator themes.   

Register for your nearest event 

  • Bristol, Wednesday 10 July    

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  1. David Fotheringham

    Unfortunately I am away the day this comes to Manchester. Is there a way to get the source material to go through in my own time? If not, hopefully I’ll be able to catch another session the next time you are in town. Thanks

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