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Our vision to deliver a single customer portal to provide easier access to OS products and services is continuing at pace. In the 12 months since work began on opening up OS MasterMap, we’ve been busy working with customers and testing the OS Data Hub. The design and build of the new developer portal is aimed at providing an easy to access service for our customers. It will replace our current OS OpenData download pages and the API shop, to give our customers:

  • Access to free API services up to a threshold and allow users to purchase credit for further access
  • A place to manage their accounts and view their data usage
  • The option to download OS OpenData products
  • Access to data in new and improved formats
  • Feedback on errors and omissions in OS data
  • A simple way to navigate to product information, an improved API document store, community support and help FAQs

We’re keen to ensure the OS Data Hub is intuitive, clear and easy-to-use, and have been testing with over 200 customers including Emapsite, GetRentr, ODI, Skyscape and Esri. Feedback has been really positive, with most feedback similar to one user who told us: “Much easier than other ways of accessing data from OS”. We’ve also been developing our future development roadmap based upon the feedback received on what could be improved.

How will I access the OS Data Hub?

When OS Data Hub is released in Summer 2020, you will be able to access the new experience by simply entering an email address and creating your own account through an easy sign up process. Once signed in you can access any of our API services and see a personalised dashboard to track how much data you are consuming when using any of the following services:

  • OS Features API: A Web Feature Service (WFS) with all our premium OS MasterMap data, including Topography, Greenspace, Highways, Water, Detailed Path Network, and the OS OpenData products Boundary-Line and the new OS Open Zoomstack. Users can use the API to perform basic spatial and attribute queries on the data.
  • OS Maps API: A Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) with current OS Open Zoomstack, OS MasterMap Topography Layer data and our leisure products including 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 raster products. This API will replace our current OS Maps API service and will have all the same data, styles and projections so customers can easily migrate over.  This provides beautifully styled OS maps which can be used as basemaps and backdrop maps.
  • OS Vector Tile API: Vector Tile Service (VTS) which is similar to the OS Maps API but users can customise their styling, with OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS Open Zoomstack within.

In addition to the above, the new portal will also allow you access to all OS OpenData products which you can set up to be downloaded in a way that suits you.

Want to get involved?

Sign up to get early access to the project.  Our next OS Data Hub trial release will be in October 2019.

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