More products available in GeoPackage

This year, we’ve been working hard to gather user feedback on a variety of topics and respond accordingly.

You’ve told us you want our data to be easier to use and that the formats available don’t make it easy enough... so we’ve now added more options for you to pick from in our OS OpenData portal!

OS Open Rivers.

Responding to feedback earlier on in the year, we’ve already released OS VectorMap Local, OS Open Zoomstack, OS VectorMap District, OS Open Greenspace, OS Terrain 50 and Code-Point Open in GeoPackage format (see the blog here). 

Today, we’re pleased to announce that 5 more OS OpenData products will join them. Keep an eye on our OS OpenData portal for GeoPackage being added to the following products: 

  • OS Open Map-Local
  • OS Open Rivers
  • OS Open Roads
  • OS Open Names
  • Boundary-Line

In addition to their original formats, these products are now available in GeoPackage to give you more choice about how you use your data. GeoPackage will now join the existing refresh schedule of these products and be released at the same time as other formats. They’re all available as GB download sets to keep the options simple. 

GeoPackage is an open platformindependent format that works easily in most desktop GIS systems. As it doesn’t need translating, this will save you time in your loading processes. Additionally, we’ve created new stylesheets for these releases, so you can continue using the maps as before or start using them with a whole new style if you prefer!

OpenMap Local.

As July is the release month of OS Open Names, this product has now been released with new data for July. All other products contain the same data from their last refresh, so keep an eye out in the Autumn for new data in all formats (in line with our usual release schedule). 

We’ve updated all of the documentation with GeoPackage information, so head over to the relevant product support page to browse these. 

We can only keep making these changes if we know it’s what our users are asking for so comment here, tweet or email us on how these new formats are making a difference to your projects!

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2 Responses

  1. David Turnbull

    Will you be making available styling slds for datasets that you are releasing in geopackage format? I can’t really find much on the github yet

    1. Jocelyn

      David, we have stylesheets for all the Open Data products now available in geopackage, with the exception of Open Rivers, which will be made available shortly, and Open Names and Code-Point Open, where these products don’t lend themselves well to a particular styling. Hope this answers your question, Jocelyn

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