OS OpenData available in Esri Living Atlas

Do you use Esri’s Living Atlas? We’re working to make OS OpenData more accessible and have added OS Open Greenspace to Esri’s collection of geospatial data.

The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe. It includes maps, apps, and data layers from Esri’s authoritative community and the wider GIS world.  A global audience accesses Esri’s curated set of data, which allows users to combine these multiple datasets with their own data to create new maps and applications. We’ve added OS Open Greenspace to test how the data is received and are keen for feedback from users who access it via Living Atlas.

Why was OS Open Greenspace selected?

Since we launched OS Open Greenspace in 2017, as a Government initiative to make it easier for people to locate and access greenspaces, we’ve seen that it’s of interest to a range of people from GIS hobbyists to local authorities.  The data shows every publicly accessible recreational and leisure greenspace in Great Britain and is of huge interest for analysis and as a means of promoting the benefits of getting outside.

We’ve worked with Esri to become an authoritative author for Living Atlas, which ensures that users have confidence that the data is authoritative, accurate and maintained. We join other authoritative authors including ONS, MHLCG, RSPB and Natural England, enabling Esri users to easily combine multiple data sets with their own data.

How can Living Atlas users benefit from OS data?

We already have many use cases of how OS Open Greenspace is being used, but we want to make OS data as accessible as possible and see users extract the maximum value.

Esri have already started to explore ways and inspired by Wimbledon, they’ve created a map for users to locate their local tennis court.

What next for OSW and Living Atlas?

We’ll be evaluating the use of OS Open Greenspace in Living Atlas over the next few months. We aim to understand if this makes it easier for users to optimise the value of OS data, what barriers this potentially overcame, if it’s of value to our existing users and whether it encouraged new users of open geospatial data.

If you are a Living Atlas user, please let us know how you’ve used OS Open Greenspace, the value of this and what other OS OpenData would be of value.

Come and join us in contributing to the Living Atlas and the wider community.

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