OS team wins Global Challenge

Congratulation to OS team Geo-Fit who won the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, a worldwide competition with 3,000 participants. All 22 OS teams maintained a high level of performance and we gave them a celebratory lunch at head office.

During the 100-day challenge, 150 OS colleagues clocked up an impressive 92,109 miles! We’re delighted to say that by taking part in Global Challenge, we have raised over £2,000 for Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity (our corporate charity).

The Geo-Fit team included Andrew Dixey, Fabian Koenig, James Morrison, Kat Bower, Hazel Slawson, James Terry and Slawomir Bruszkowski! We sat down with team captain Andrew to discover the secrets of their success.

L to R: Hazel Hendley (HR), Slawomir Bruszkowski, James Morrison, Kat Bower, Andrew Dixey, Fabian Koenig, John Clarke (COO), James Terry. Hazel and John presented the awards.

What does it feel like to have captained the global winners?

I’m really proud of my team, and even more so as none of them needed much in the way of ‘captaining’. By setting themselves individual challenges, everyone was motivated to beat their own goals. When we got together as a team, we always had fun and everyone encouraged each other really well. I’m lucky to have had a team of people who were as enthusiastic (or as crazy!) as I was because everybody really threw themselves into it.

What was the secret of your success?

The boring answers are time management, access to a gym and consistency.

By far the biggest challenge for this is creating enough time and space in your daily schedule to dedicate to the exercise. If you are office bound from 9 to 5 this means having to use earlier mornings and later evenings to achieve what you need.

Having access to facilities whether it’s a local gym, sports club or just some open green spaces makes it that much easier and gives you options. I found that variety made the whole process much more appealing. 

If you’re organised and you set out the time, have a good place to go and you enjoy it, you’re more likely to be consistent; and consistency is the real secret.

That’s really the key – that and lots of carbs and ice-cream! 

Will taking part in this challenge change your behaviour going forward?

What people take away from the challenge will be different for everyone. For me personally, daily exercise was already a strong habit, so the lessons have been different. 

Taking part has highlighted just how much can be achieved in single day if I manage my time correctly. It’s also underlined the importance of rest days for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Exercising twice every day for 100 days was achievable for the sake of this challenge (and necessary for our team’s success), but it wasn’t sustainable. It has also changed the way I judge my own work rate. Now I know what level of effort I can achieve if properly motivated, it’s given me the confidence to push myself a little harder. 

I’ve definitely become more ‘social’ since the challenge too. It’s been great doing something like this with a team and I’ve started to seek out more opportunities to train as a group. I’m joining my wife for an outdoor boot camp session during the week and I’ve just joined the new OS climbing club, so the challenge continues.

Follow Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity on Twitter to see their progress and follow us to hear about our fundraising.

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