Green Health Strategy

On 28 June 2019, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh & Lothian’s Health Foundation and greenspace scotland published Scotland’s first health board-led Green Health Strategy.

What is the Green Health Strategy?

The Green Health Strategy aims to fully realise the potential of the NHS outdoor estate and community greenspaces as a community health asset benefiting patients, visitors, staff and communities. It covers a range of Green Health activities as well as greening the NHS outdoor estate and encouraging access to greenspace close to where people live – find out more.

A spatial overview with QGIS

As part of the Green Health Strategy, a GIS Green Health Map was created. Developed in QGIS, this map has brought together data from a variety of organisations including OS. OS Open Greenspace has been used as one of the data layers for the green health activity mapping to inform the identification of priority areas for green health activity development.

Enabling the OS Open Greenspace layer within the GIS Green Health Map allows local greenspace to be quickly and easily identified. So, whilst there may be limited opportunities for green-health activities on the NHS site in the above map, the layer highlights the proximity of the park and links to other spaces, community facilities and residential areas.

Julie Procter, Chief Executive of greenspace scotland, said: “Studies repeatedly show the positive impact that greenspace can have on our quality of life and particularly on health and wellbeing. Greenspace really is our natural health service: a daily dose of green space could be just what the doctor ordered to keep us active and provide tonic for the soul! We were delighted to work with NHS Lothian and a wide range of partners from across the NHS, local councils, voluntary organisations and community groups to develop a clear vision and plan for how the NHS outdoor estate and local greenspaces can improve the health and wellbeing of people across the Lothians.”

What is OS Open Greenspace?

Available for free via the OS Maps app, OS Open Greenspace is Britain’s most comprehensive open dataset of greenspace. In 2011, this dataset enabled greenspace scotland to produce the world’s first national greenspace map.

Find out more about our partnership with greenspace scotland
Read about the Green Health Strategy

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