Trialling OS Open Greenspace on Living Atlas

Back in July, we announced the addition of OS Open Greenspace to Esri’s ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. We added this dataset to test how the data is received and to gather feedback from users who access it via Living Atlas. 

This decision is part of a trial which will enable us to understand if this integration has made it easier for users to optimise the value of OS data and if it solved any previous barriers. Ultimately, we want to know if it’s of value to our existing users and whether it encouraged new users of open geospatial data. 

If you’ve tried it and not let us know your thoughts, please fill out our survey. If you haven’t got involved yet, read on to learn more or check out the data now.

What is OS Open Greenspace?

In short, it is a dataset that shows every publicly accessible recreational and leisure greenspace in Great Britain and is of huge interest for analysis and as a means of promoting the benefits of getting outside. 

What is the Living Atlas?

The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe. It includes maps, apps, and data layers from Esri’s authoritative community and the wider GIS world.  A global audience accesses Esri’s curated set of data, which allows users to combine these multiple datasets with their own data to create new maps and applications.  

And together…

Using OS Open Greenspace, Esri was inspired by Wimbledon and created a map for users to locate local tennis courts. To demonstrate the functionality further and the potential health benefits in the run up to National #GetOutsideDay on 29 September, we’ve created two apps utilising OS Open Greenspace within Living Atlas. 

Greenspace dashboard 

This app is ideal for showcasing the accessible greenspaces in your local community. The greenspace sites show you where they are in context to your location and the access points show you where the entrances are. We could even extend the scope of this further and allow users to get directions to each site. This was created by our GeoDataViz team and made using the ArcGIS Operations Dashboard. 

“It was easy to put together and doesn’t require any code, having the data readily accessible on the platform saved lots of time.” – Charley Glynn, Cartographic Design Consultant.

Find your nearest play spaces 

This app does what it says on the tin; you can use it to locate your local play spaces. As above, our GeoDataViz team continued their focus on enabling users to #GetOutside easily.  

“This app was made within minutes using the Local Perspective app template on ArcGIS Online. You can use mapping apps like this to engage your community and get children more active. – Charley Glynn.

We need your help

As mentioned in the intro, we’ve embedded OS Open Greenspace in Living Atlas as part of a trial. The only way we can improve is with feedback so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, such as other OS OpenData products you’d like to see in Living Atlas, we need to know.   

Hopefully you’re interested and we’ve tempted you to give it a go. If so, please do not hesitate any further. Get involved and make sure to share your feedback via our survey. 

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