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What is the Royal Mail Postcode Address File?

The Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) is an up-to-date address database, containing over 30 million UK postal addresses. It has numerous benefits, such as helping to verify addresses in seconds, making online transactions easier and ensuring that mail is delivered efficiently.

This is why PAF is an integral part of Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase. Combining the postal data of millions in the UK with local authority data, Unique Delivery Point Reference Numbers (UDPRN) and X and Y coordinates allows organisations to provide professional services to their customers, helping to increase the number of online sale conversions and lessening the risks of fraud. Read More


What is Postcode Lookup Software?

Postcode lookup software is used to help provide accurate address information. If a user is typing in an address, the postcode lookup tool predicts the correct address as you go, saving time and returning reliable results.

Why use a Postcode Lookup Software?

Using a postcode lookup tool can be very beneficial in a number of ways, this includes:

  • Helping the user to find an accurate address, minimising the risk of typing errors
  • Speeding up the process of entering information when using a website, improving the customer’s experience
  • Ensures accurate data by providing up-to-date geographical information
  • It’s easy to use and user friendly
  • Decreases the chance of abandoned checkouts and helps to improve ecommerce conversion rate

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How to reduce administrative expenses with AddressBase

Administrative expenses are a drain on revenue, but with ever-evolving technology simplifying what were once time consuming, difficult processes, the time, effort and money spent on administration is reducing.

At Ordnance Survey, our AddressBase address data is being utilised by our partners to create software and solutions that improve business processes for businesses across the world. As the most comprehensive addressing product on the market, AddressBase is used to meet a number of business objectives, including reducing administrative expenses. Here are a number of ways in which AddressBase does just that. Read More


What is logistics management?

Logistics management is the process of delivering goods, services and information to the customer. It involves management of the supply chain, taking the goods from their place of origin all the way to the end user. Everything from sourcing the goods to delivering it to paying customers is included within the supply chain, and good logistics management can save businesses money and improve customer satisfaction.

There are some key considerations within logistics management:

  • Sourcing the right quantity of goods
  • Sourcing the right quality of goods
  • Making the goods available to the customer at the right time
  • Pricing the good appropriately for the customer
  • Delivering the goods to the customer

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How to boost your ecommerce sales

Ecommerce is nothing new, but in a Covid-19 world, ecommerce has boomed. What this means, however, is that competition has also grown. With consumers increasingly turning to online shopping for everything from clothing to food, business owners need to be ready to capture every sale possible when a user visits their website. So, how exactly can business owners boost their ecommerce sales? Here are five techniques to turn website window shoppers into loyal, paying customers.


ABCore imagePart of the problem with online shopping is that there are so many horror stories of people being conned, products not being delivered or products not being as described on the website. The key to overcome a website user’s scepticism is to create visibility of genuine product reviews by real customers. Read More