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Building smart and happy cities

By Peter Hedlund, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey International

Ensuring quality of life in our cities is a complex challenge, but essential to making it happen is up-to-date and accurate land information. The emergence of Internet of Things technology such as autonomous vehicles, is driving the development of smart cities in many metropolitan areas around the world.

Dubai has set itself the goal of being the world’s smartest and happiest city. To achieve this vision, a smart city initiative has been launched to explore energy, environment, infrastructure and mobility. Geospatial data will be a key component and tool enabling services in each of these domains. Read More


Going beyond Great Britain with AddressBase Islands…

If you haven’t used or heard of it before, AddressBase is a family of three addressing products we’ve offered since 2011. These products provide the most comprehensive and definitive source of spatial addressing information for England, Scotland and Wales, amounting to over 41 million records.

The products are made up of numerous authoritative sources, all collated and compiled by GeoPlace, a partnership between Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Association.


The task of compiling these data sources and creating a product every six weeks is not to be underestimated, but during 2015 the Location Analytics Product team at OS began to question the possibilities of extending the address content coverage. Read More


Bike maintenance: How to keep your bike going for longer

In the first part of our bike maintenance series, how to make your bike go faster, we covered the things that every speed demon should know. This time, we’re going to look at what every bike owner should know, regardless of your cycling habits.

Your bike keeps you fit, gets you out amongst the elements, lets you travel, and provides you with entertainment; so don’t neglect it. Here are some tips to keep your bike going for longer.

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All about the Yorkshire Wolds Way

Here in the UK, we have some of Europe’s best walking and cycling routes right on our doorstep. We’ve already taken a look at some of the many sprawling National Trails on our lands, but the next instalment in our “All about the…” series is one of our personal favourites. When you think of Yorkshire you might think of puddings, terriers and tea; but when we think of Yorkshire, we think of the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

Yorkshire Wolds

Image courtesy of

The Yorkshire Wolds Way is one of four National Trails located in the county, and stretches for 79 miles from Hessle to Filey – so if you’ve ever trekked along the Cleveland Way before you’ll have either started or finished at an end-point of the Yorkshire Wolds Way. It’s considered one of the best trails for newbies as it’s not too long, the terrain isn’t as challenging, and there’s plenty to see and do en route.

The whole walk will take you around five to six days, but if you need to pick and choose which stretches you want to walk, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

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Bike maintenance: how to make your bike go faster

Whether it’s for long distance travel or just making your way up some mountains, we’d all like our bicycles to be able to move that little bit faster.

While you might not want your pedal bike to get up to the dizzying speeds reached by professional motorcycle racer Guy Martin at the beginning of the year – an insane 112 miles per hour (albeit with the help of slipstreaming) – it would certainly be nice to feel a little lighter on our frames and get from A to B quicker. To help, here are a few quick tips on how you can make your bicycle pick up speed.

Carriage with chain rear wheel sports mountain bike closeup

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Scotland coast to coast: challenge yourself

The one thing you’ll probably realise, once you’ve committed to traversing Scotland, coast to coast, is that the country’s a lot bigger than you think. Possessing over 10,000 miles of coastline (mainland and islands combined), it’s clear that The Proclaimers weren’t exaggerating when they pledged to walk 500 miles – the mainland alone measures 6,160 miles of glorious coastline (sorry).

Consisting of sandy pastures, estuarine firths, promontories and sea lochs, this part of the world is stunning and unlike anywhere else. It can also be tough to cross, but that’s the challenge. While we aren’t suggesting you tackle the entire length, here are a few walks on Scotland’s coast that you might like to try:

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Cycling around the Isle of Wight

Isle of WightToday’s blog is by Steven Rittey, Leisure Cycling and Walking Holidays Manager at Wheel2Wheel Holidays based in Manchester. Steven writes a monthly blog for OS to tell of his adventures and ‘Tales from the Cycle Trails’, a weekly newsletter for leisure cyclists. Here he describes a ride around the Isle of Wight…

I have lived in Manchester for over ten years, but my ‘family home’ is Gosport on England’s South Coast. As I have grown older, I can clearly see the benefits of growing up there – A beachside school, lots of open green spaces and one of the most nicest harbours in the country to watch the ships pass by. It is also a peninsula and has a proud Naval heritage with close links to Portsmouth. However, one place that always seemed strangely distant and very different to the ‘mainland’ was the Isle of Wight. Less than ten miles from Portsmouth by catamaran or hovercraft and clearly visible right across the Solent area, the island has always felt like another place altogether. Read More


Plastic remains fantastic for fraudsters

Cifas are the leaders in fraud prevention, enabling organisations in every sector to prevent fraud and protect the public – by sharing data, spreading knowledge and pushing the capabilities of technology. OS has been supporting Cifas for over six years now, by helping to communicate how fraud affects us all through a series of reports and by demonstrating how OS’s mapping and addressing data can help organisations in the fight against fraud.

In 2014, 41% of all fraud (almost 114,000 cases) recorded by organisations through Cifas’ National Fraud Database were identity frauds. These are frauds where a fraudster has used the identity details of an individual to obtain a product or service in their name. These frauds targeted a wide variety of products: from bank accounts to mobile phone contracts, loans to insurance.


Credit and store card accounts, however, were by far the identity fraudsters’ favoured product in 2014: with over 49,000 confirmed cases in 2014 – up almost 18% from the previous year’s levels. Read More

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