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Over 2000 organisations join up as the PSMA turns 1

This month, we’re celebrating the first year anniversary of the launch of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA). The ground-breaking 10 year agreement between government and Ordnance Survey came into effect last April and allows the majority of public sector bodies in England and Wales, regardless of size, to use centrally funded geographic datasets.

Twelve months on from the launch, 2,198 organisations from town, parish and community councils to central government organisations, have joined as members of the agreement and have identified savings of more than £16 million through the use of PSMA data.

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Putting the PSMA on the map

During October 2011 we held eight Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) member conferences across England and Wales. This gave us the chance to engage with our PSMA members and gave them the opportunity to find out more about how they can benefit from the agreement.

Over 425 members attended the eight events and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting that it was an ideal platform to share best practice and discuss lessons learnt – and they’re looking forward to future events.

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