Meet the authors

Gemma is Social Media Manager at Ordnance Survey. Since joining in 2001, she has worked in a variety of communications roles before moving into social media in 2011.
Away from the office, Gemma loves travelling, walking by the coast, scrolling through Instagram and adding to her shoe collection.
Our GeoDataViz team turn complex data into compelling visuals. Charley (pictured left) and Paul are the authority for cartographic design and they engage with internal and external audiences to promote and communicate the value of cartography. 
Charley joined Ordnance Survey in 2004 as a cartographer before joining Cartographic Design & Development in 2010 where he enjoys having the ability to exercise his creativity. He is a keen football fan, enjoys films, music and spending time with his family. He is an open source geo-enthusiast and a keen tweeter.
Paul joined Ordnance Survey in 1997 as a cartographer. Trained in cartographic design he was instrumental in helping form Cartographic Design & Development as it is today. He is an avid football fan who enjoys following Southampton FC as well as spending time with his family. Inspired by good design and well-designed maps he also enjoys a good tweet.
See examples of the team’s work on Flickr.