Top 10 mappy blogs for 2017

With less than a fortnight left to go in 2017, we thought we’d take a look back at the year and see which blog stories piqued your interest. Let’s countdown from 10-1 on the top mappy and geo-based blogs:

  1. Taking White Hart Lane off the map

We usually share stories about our teams adding new features to the map, but we also have to remove features from our database. London-based surveyor Tony Killilea was tasked with removing a football stadium from the map back in September…

  1. London National Park City map

A stunning new map was published by Urban Good showing London green spaces, using OS OpenData. The map of the capital shows over 3,000 parks, plus woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves, city farms, rivers, canals and all the spaces that contribute to London’s parkland. Find out how to win a copy below.

  1. OS turned 226 years old

On 21 June 1791, the Board of Ordnance purchased a new Ramsden theodolite, and this is seen as the foundation of our organisation. We were to begin a survey of England’s vulnerable southern coasts, worried that the French Revolution might sweep across the English Channel.

  1. Surveying the Colonsay Whale

It’s not every day that we add a whale to our maps, but surveyor Shaun McGrath did this year…

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