‘Make Your Mark’ interactive painted map

Working with Solent Showcase Gallery, we’ve supported Southampton-based illustrator and mural artist Nathan Evans in illustrating a map of Southampton on the floor. We caught up with Nathan to hear a bit more about his process and how he found painting a map…

As an artist specialising in typography, my work usually focuses on lettering. The opportunity to explore something new is what originally sparked my interest about the ‘Make Your Mark’ project. I work in lettering because you can create an immediate and clear connection with the viewer, and I feel this way about maps too. They seem to be able to seamlessly connect to an audience and evoke a pure emotional response to the sense of place that we all feel.

It was really exciting for me to have OS on board as a partner and, as Southampton is the home of their HQ, it worked perfectly to have their support on mapping the city. Read More


OS OpenData becomes a work of art

Guest blogger Nicholas White explains how photography and opendata go hand in hand…

I began my photography career shooting digitally. Digital was commonplace, both on consumer and professional levels. It seemed to be the go-to medium for financial viability, instant gratification and provided the photographer with the ability to produce large quantities of imagery without breaking the bank. This is by no means a bad thing, I’m all for embracing change. Change is good, it keeps us on our toes, opens doors to new methods of image-making and challenges us to think about how we align with the current trends in photography. Instagram and smartphone photography has added an extra dimension to this rapidly shape-shifting medium, with an average of 70 million photos per day being shared in 2015.


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