Up in the air

I’m sure most of us have been more than happy with the lovely sunny, dry weather this spring, but how many can say that it’s helped them complete their work too? Personally, I’ve given more than one resentful glance out of the window at the glorious weather – not while writing for the blog of course! – but my colleague John has been embracing it whole heartedly. 

One of the planes our Flying Unit use

One of the planes our Flying Unit use

John is part of the Ordnance Survey Flying Unit. Working as part of our Remote Sensing department, the Flying Unit could be in the skies anytime that weather allows between early March and November.

Five people, some from our field teams and others from head office, work on a rota from our Blackpool airport base during the flying season. The two people on the rota spend around two weeks at a time in Blackpool, flying as often as the weather permits, including weekends.

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