Ten of the best places to horse ride in the UK

Best places to horse rideThere are many excellent routes for horse riders to follow around the UK. Whether you want a leisurely, relaxing ride, challenging terrain, spectacular scenery, or simply good pub pit stops, we’ve picked out ten of the best places to go exploring with your horse.

1. The New Forest
Renowned for the ‘wild’ ponies which roam free across the Forest, exploring this unique place on horseback seems only natural. Explore open forest, paddle in shady streams or canter along a picturesque beach, wherever you choose there’s always stunning flora and fauna along the way. Read More


Everything you need to know about Rights of Way

Earlier this year I was involved with the running of a series of Ordnance Survey map reading workshops across Great Britain. One topic that regularly cropped up was rights of way – where can I go walking? Today on the Ordnance Survey blog I hope to be able to answer that question for you.

When we’re compiling the information for our maps we talk to a variety of other organisations and groups that provide different data-sets to link with the maps. When our surveyors are on the ground, or when our cartographers take information from the aerial photography that our plane has taken, they can’t always tell what the rights of way in that area are. We work with local authorities and national bodies (such as Sustrans and Natural England) to bring the information together for the maps. The maps are as accurate as they can be with the information that we have to hand at the time of the map being printed.

First of all – let’s have a look at the map and see what that tells us. What we’re looking at is the “Communications” section on the map legend. Here we can see the different types of roads and paths and public rights of way. Read More