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Ordnance Survey’s cartographic house styles

Ordnance Survey has a rich cartographic history – we have been mapping the Great British landscape for 229 years! From navigating the countryside on foot to helping utility companies manage and track their assets underfoot, our maps offer a range of functions. As a result, our cartographers make lots of intricate design decisions to ensure that our maps meet the needs of each of our different users.

Our paper maps (and their digital raster data equivalents) carry their own beautiful cartography which is well established and well understood. A great example of this is our OS Explorer Maps. For many, these maps have a sentimental or nostalgic value – they can evoke memories of adventure and can connect the map reader to locations. Cartography is a powerful form of visual communication. Read More


Data Month: GeoDataViz

Early in 2018 Ordnance Survey (OS) were approached by the Registers of Scotland (RoS) to support their Data Month, an internal event for RoS staff held in March to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice across the business. RoS is the non-ministerial government department responsible for compiling and maintaining 18 public registers. These relate to land, property, and other legal documents and include the Land Register of Scotland and General Register of Sasines. Read More


Launching the GeoDataViz Toolkit

We mentioned in a previous post that we’ve been developing a toolkit of assets and resources and we are pleased to say that v0.1 is now available.

The GeoDataViz Toolkit is a set of resources that will help you communicate your data effectively through the design of compelling visuals.

What is in the toolkit?

Basemaps – Often referred to as a contextual or backdrop map, a basemap contains reference information used to both orient the map and add context to any data that is overlaid. We are providing information about the OS range of basemap styles, the colour values for each and some best practice guidance.

One of our range of OS basemap styles (Road – we also have Outdoor, Light and Night) Read More


Latest maps from Cartographic Design team

Following on from yesterday’s feature on our Cartographic Design Consultant Charley Glynn, we wanted to share some recent examples of work from the Cartographic Design team.

Youth Hostel Association map

Working with the Youth Hostel Association we were asked to produce a large wall map that was to be used as part of a campaign to encourage people to explore the Dark and White Peaks.

The map would be simple and would need to depict 6 carefully selected walking, running and cycling routes and the terrain around them.

The image below is essentially work in progress as the finished product will see the image be used by the YHA to cut out the layers making up the terrain from wood. The routes will then be added using pins and string. We’re really looking forward to seeing it up on display.


OS Maps night mode map

Read More