It’s a surveyor’s life…

We currently have 250 field surveyors who contribute to the 10,000 changes taking place every day in our database. Thanks to them our master map of Great Britain is constantly, subtly shifting and changing. Luckily, the country is nothing if not varied, and not all of our surveyors are pounding concrete and worrying about urban canyons (the phenomena of being in an area so built up that satellite signals – can’t reach their GNSS kit). Some spend their days surrounded by sheep, not Starbucks. One such surveyor is Guy Rodger who looks after Shetland. Guy’s worked for OS for 30 years and spends an average of four weeks in Shetland every year and has to carefully plan his work to maximise his time there. I caught up with him recently to ask him some questions.


Guy at the Bird Observatory back in 2010

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Explore Great Britain’s historical landmarks

You could say that we’re a nation obsessed with our history. Turn on the television and what do you see? Celebrities on historical quests to trace their family roots, historical documentaries about individuals or battles, and period dramas set in and around some of Britain’s famous historical landmarks.

We admire them when they’re on the box, but how often do we actually get out there and see the amazing historical landmarks that are right on our doorstop? Here’s a rundown of some of our favourites.


When writing about historical landmarks in the UK, it would seem almost churlish to start anywhere but Stonehenge. Regardless of how you know of it – be it The Beatles performing in ‘Help!‘ with a clearly visible Stonehenge in the background, the infamous rock classic “Stonehenge” in mockumentary ‘This is Spinal Tap’, or more recently several episodes of ‘Doctor Who’, the point is we all know of it. Read More