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Report a Flooded Property app for emergency responders

All year around, Britain’s emergency responders need to be ready to deal with crises and disruptive events –from natural disasters to deliberate attacks. The emergency response community can access a secure information-sharing platform called ResilienceDirect, which is underpinned by OS location data through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA).

Flooded houses

Flooded houses

At this time of year, the weather can make natural disasters more likely. Following the extreme weather of December 2015, the government set up the National Flood Resilience Review to assess how the country can be better protected from future flooding. Read More


Using OS OpenData to map #OpFortress tweets

Today’s guest post is by Robert Murray, one of our developer team at Ordnance Survey. Last year he used OS OpenData to map some of the tweets Hampshire Constabulary sent during Operation Fortress.

Hampshire Constabulary has been running an operation to combat drug-related crime in Southampton called Operation Fortress and posted tweets relating to this operation with the hashtag #OpFortress. It was an effective method of showing progress and engaging with the public, the tweets sometimes gave advice, asked for help or reported operation updates such as arrests, raids or crimes – often with the location at which the event took place.


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South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue using OS OnDemand

It’s always good to see how organisations are making use of our data especially when it’s being used to make services more effective and potentially save the tax payer money.  However, our favourite examples are when you can see the obvious benefit that our data can bring and with emergency services examples, the improved capability and information always has the potential to save someone’s life.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) has become one of the first public sector customers of a ground-breaking new ‘on-demand’ service from Ordnance Survey. The OS OnDemand Web Map Tile Service (WMTS-like) will help SYFR to implement a single web based view of their location data across a range of systems and platforms from fire incident data to the location of fire hydrants to improve the accessibility of its operational information.

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OS MasterMap Imagery Layer being used by the emergency services

I was talking about how we capture our imagery recently and now we’re seeing it put to use by the emergency services, as Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) have purchased county coverage of the OS MasterMap Imagery Layer.

LFRS are going to be using the Imagery Layer in their two command support vehicles (CSVs). The CSVs are used for major county incidents and each have two computer terminals on board. These computers have geographical information systems (GIS) installed and can be used to analyse data of the incident area.

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer showing an area of Leicestershire

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer showing an area of Leicestershire

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