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How to find out your flood risk and minimise damage from floodwater

Today’s guest blog was written by Jamie Gibbs, who writes for the home insurance experts at Confused.com. After successfully safeguarding his house from a two-week deluge, he flooded his kitchen by leaving the sink running.

It’s estimated that one in six properties in the UK is at risk of flooding, either from nearby rivers or from the sea. With the devastating effects that floods can have on our infrastructure, our homes and our livelihoods (as seen over the Christmas period), there is a need to bolster our defences and take extra precautions.

According to the Environment Agency (their flood risk map is shown below), during the summer of 2007 (one of the worst floods in recent memory) 48,000 homes were damaged, with the average repair cost coming in at about £20,000-£30,000 per house.

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How Ordnance Survey plays its part in a flooding emergency

Flooding has featured in the news regularly over the last few years, Boscastle, Cockermouth and Bournemouth to name a few examples. I wanted to share with you how Ordnance Survey can help with flood relief operations and working with The Environment Agency, to provide a flood risk application.

In August 2004, Boscastle in Cornwall was badly effected by a flood that cause major damage through the town. 75mm fell in the space of two hours, the average rainfall for the whole of August alone. The sudden deluge caused two nearby rivers to burst their banks and a torrent of water to sweep through the village’s main street

Bournemouth flood

Bournemouth flood

Cockermouth in Cumbria saw water levels rise to about 2.5 metres in November of 2009. The heavy rainfall caused the rivers Derwent and Cocker to burst their banks; both the rivers meet in the town of Cockermouth where torrents of water carried cars and debris away Read More