Fundraising continues at OS HQ

At our last update in July, we had raised over £1800 for Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity. We’re delighted to announce we have now reached a total of over £22000!

From an employee quiz to pumpkin carving, we’ve been busy over the past few months raising vital funds for our corporate charity. Featuring the OS choir Off the Scale, we held our annual gala which alone brought in £700+. Not only that but as well as an internal competition, we even had a whole department turn up to work in onesies.

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OS hospital bay taking shape

7 months ago we announced Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity as our corporate charity. We’ve been busy raising money and so far, our total is £8,943.03!

As well as our #charitytuesday events, cake sales and football sweepstakes (mentioned in our previous blog), we have had a few big events which have considerably contributed to our total that we’d like to shout about.

Off the Scale’s 2018 annual gala at HQ.

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Meet the team: Teena Munden

We’d like to put some friendly faces to the people working at OS and showcase the wide variety of work we do. As today is the International Day of Charity, we’re starting with Teena Munden, Business Centre Manager and chief fundraiser at OS. 

How long have you worked for OS?

I celebrated my 10-year OS anniversary last month!

How long have you been in your current role?

While I have always worked within the business centre, I started out as a Business Centre Executive. Five years ago, I applied for my current managerial role. It felt like a natural progression and, while I was nervous about the increased responsibility, I feel I have thrived as Business Centre Manager. OS has been very accommodating over the years and despite my promotion I was able to continue working part-time to fit in with childcare.

Teena with Solent Mind CEO Kevin Gardner, left and former OS CEO Nigel Clifford, right

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Our charity fundraising so far

Since announcing Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity as our corporate charity, we’ve been busy raising money – over £1800 so far!

We’ve organised an array of fundraising activities including a football tournament, cake sale, World Cup quiz and a charity run. We of course had a map sale too, but we’re sure you knew that! Below are just a few of our highlights.

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