Britain’s rocks in your pocket

Did you know that geographic information (GI) plays a major role in many public services across Great Britain? Ordnance Survey provides mapping and data to over 1,700 public sector organisations in England and Wales through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA). Keep reading to find out how some of our public sector customers have used our data to deliver their services.

The public sector sales and marketing team have had a really busy October, packed full of activities. Throughout the month, we were planning and delivering a series of free conferences for our public sector customers in England and Wales. The events give our customers an opportunity to meet Ordnance Survey representatives – and also a chance to network with their counterparts from similar organisations and share best practice. Knowledge sharing is a concept that we are keen to encourage and the events have been designed to help this interaction. We use the day to deliver key messages such as product development news and licensing information, topics of great interest to our customers.

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