AddressBase – 7 years of improving public sector services, deliveries and service provision

As Christmas draws closer, nights lengthen and temperatures drop, many people will be doing their Christmas shopping, mince pie baking and Christmas card writing. This is also one of the busiest times of year for many businesses. Utility companies need to ensure people remain warm, online shopping delivery companies are frantically getting Christmas presents delivered on time, and the financial sector is processing and validating purchases.

This is all of course not forgetting Santa and his elves getting ready for the all-important night of December 24th. Most of the time as members of the public we can simply sit back and enjoy some festive treats why this all happens seamlessly without us even thinking about it.

We might venture out into the ever increasingly bracing weather for the traditional family walks possibly using one of our OS paper maps, something our brand is most known for. These maps are what made OS famous, but analytical data products are now how OS supports ever increasing numbers of businesses delivering these vital services to you over Christmas, and throughout the rest of the year.

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Over 75% of the public sector using AddressBase

Chris Chambers, our AddressBase Product Manager gives us an update on how AddressBase is being used, two and a half years on from its launch.

Address data has always been important for the public sector and commercial companies. The vision and value of a single spatial addressing infrastructure that underpins key service provision and enables better location data collaboration is starting to deliver results for all our customers.

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Everything Happens Somewhere – using local knowledge for national benefit

Guest post by Gayle Gander of GeoPlace  (@GayleGander)

Case studies from the 2012 GeoPlace Exemplar Awards have now been published in  book form.

The case studies celebrates the work of Award winning Custodians across the country and demonstrate how Authority Address Custodians and Authority Street Custodians are enabling local authorities to create efficiency savings and support service delivery.

The Custodians are the people responsible for creating and maintaining essential national resources in the form of the National Street Gazetteer and the National Address Gazetteer.  The National Address Gazetteer is a critical part of the AddressBase® range of products which are now widely available, and being used by the public sector through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) as well as by the private sector.

The case studies featured in this book demonstrate the importance of address and street information to local government – with much of the best practice transferable to other organisations across the public sector.

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Addressing reaches key milestone

geoplace-logo1If you’ve been following the development of a single address gazetteer then it won’t have escaped your notice that an important milestone was reached last week.

On Friday the legal process to form GeoPlace was finalised. This means that work can now begin on actually building the national address gazetteer database ready for an autumn launch.

GeoPlace is the name of the limited liability partnership jointly owned by Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Group. Its products will be available for anyone to licence through us, but the public sector will have access to them via the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, which itself ‘went live’ last week. You can read Gemma’s post from yesterday for more details on the PSMA.

What this means is that public sector organisations from local councils, to Whitehall departments will have access to GeoPlace data for free at the point of use, as well as virtually all of our other location data.

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