Oxford Innovation Space Incubator programme

In partnership with the UK Space Agency and Oxford Innovation, we hosted a workshop for the Oxford Innovation Space Incubator programme earlier this year. This involved inviting the next generation of thinkers at the forefront of technological innovation to come up with “ground breaking ideas with the potential to change the world”.

The challenge they chose to accept was to develop new business ideas using raw GNSS signals from the Android mobile operating system.

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How Geovey built on their Geovation Challenge success

If you’re working in the geo industry, you may have heard about Nautoguide and their product Geovey. The former Geovation Challenge winners have expanded from mapping the Battle of Jutland to working with local government and even supplying a feedback service for our OS Open Greenspace product. Dave Barter from Nautoguide tells their story.

We’ve been working closely with OS recently as we won a public tender to supply feedback services for OS Open Greenspace, which launched in 2016. This challenging project saw us work with OS’ brand, design ethos and data requirements to build a feedback system in under two months. This is now live and operational in 19 local authorities and 5 OS field offices with new organisations added each week, and helping OS update OS Open Greenspace.

OS Open Greenspace showing Southsea

This is a huge step onwards from winning a £29,000 grant through OS’ Geovation Challenge on “Helping people to live in better places”. For this we conceived Geovey, a mapping platform designed for public engagement, crowdsourcing, consultation and richer citizen involvement. To our delight we were invited to pitch our idea to the Geovation judges and eventually won the grant, along with mentoring and support from OS. Read More


Making your idea a reality

Guest blog by Alex Wrottesley, Geovation Hub Manager

So you’ve had the 1am light bulb moment. You have an idea. You’ve written it down, thought about it from every angle, looked around to see if anyone else is doing anything similar, tried to prove yourself wrong – and you still believe you’ve spotted an opportunity that others have missed.

You close your eyes. A voice inside says; “If I don’t pursue this someone else will and I’ll regret this for ever”.

Congratulations – you’re about to become an entrepreneur.

Your own journey will depend on a multitude of variables (network, skills, resources for a start) but there are some common factors that are worth taking into account. The Geovation Hub

It’s all about you

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Win £35k in the Connected Cities contest

Connected Cities

After the success of the Digital Innovation Contest – Data, Ordnance Survey is pleased to continue its partnership with IC Tomorrow with the Connected Cities Innovation contest.

Digital start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can secure up to £35k funding each in a new IC tomorrow contest that aims to find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of urbanisation.

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Young Rewired State festival of code

In a recent blog, we shared news about how our Innovation team had teamed-up with The Cathedral Innovation Centre and Totton College, to support the sixth – and most successful to date – Young Rewired State (YRS) “Festival of Code”. We thought we’d share a little news with you, covering what happened during this week-long hackathon for under 18s.


Over 1,000 young people took part in the event by attending one of the 61 regional centres located throughout the UK – Totton College been one of them. Here, on the Monday morning, we were joined by six extraordinarily bright and enthusiastic young people – all keen to learn more about coding.  Read More


Supporting innovation at the BlueLightCamp 2014

On 10 and 11 May 2014, we’re hosting BlueLightCamp at our Southampton head office. The unconference and hackathon for blue light services is in its third year. The event see attendees bring challenges they’d like help overcoming, ideas they’d like to explore, and many bring along their skills and expertise to help others. Christine Townsend from MusterPoint, tells us about her BlueLightCamp experience.


Image courtesy of BlueLightCamp

The first BlueLightCamp in 2012 was my first experience of an unconference and a hackathon. As part of my background in police communication, and with the ever-increasing need to use social media, I wanted to see what it was about and if it could benefit my role in any way. Read More