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Free data management workshops for the Public Sector

Guest blog by Gary Randle, UK Sales Manager, Cadcorp

If you work in government and want to maximise the benefit of geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping, becoming familiar with Ordnance Survey (OS) data products is a good place to start.  What OS products do we have?  How do we best load and manage these products?  How can these products complement our own business data?  For this reason, at Cadcorp, we’ve been running free onsite Ordnance Survey Data Management Workshops for central government.  The workshops are designed to introduce OS data products and offer practical advice about using and managing the data.

When customers first get access to OS products there are a number choices to make. The workshops are designed to help equip users with the knowledge to make the right choices for their organisation.  For example:

  • Background mapping or business intelligence
  • Data stack and scales
  • Styles and colours
  • Flat files or database
  • Direct access or web services

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OS Partner SplashMaps goes into the Dragon’s Den

It’s not every day that we hear from one of our Licensed Partners that they’re about to appear on Dragon’s Den, pitching their map product to the panel. But David Overton of SplashMaps did just that, and we caught up with him last week, ahead of the broadcast. David couldn’t tell us the outcome at the time, but if you watched last night you’ll know that he put in a strong pitch, but sadly didn’t receive any funding. Find out more about SplashMaps and our Partner programme from David…

If you haven’t come across us before, SplashMaps makes wearable, washable, all-weather printed maps that can be customised for any part of Britain, and beyond. We set up in December 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign to fund the idea and used OS OpenData to print the first wearable maps of Britain’s National Parks.

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New OS partner Land Technologies

Today we bring you a guest blog from Land Technologies, participants in our Developer Challenge who have gone on to become an Ordnance Survey partner.

Our original submission to the developer challenge was about creating a web application that makes it easy to quickly assess land to judge its potential for development. Many housing projects don’t get started because the initial piece of work of finding a good site at the right price is very difficult. We want to change that.

Preview of Land Insight

Signing up as a licensed partner and using OS data was important to us so we can make the best possible  product for our customers. As well as the data, OS provided the guidance needed to help us pick the right products and licenses for our business – which is very important for us as a start-up. Read More