machine learning


Using machine learning to build the future of 3D mapping


Earlier this year we made the alpha release of our building height attributes available to our existing OS MasterMap Topography Layer customers. Almost 20 million building heights across Great Britain were released as an early step in our migration to enhanced 3D geometry and we’ve been gathering feedback ever since.

One of the most common themes being fed into our OS Insight programme has been around the shapes of roofs, as this can help our customers make planning decisions, create realistic views and model sunlight and telephone signals around buildings. Our Research team have started to look into this for the future development of our product.

Currently, our building heights define the bottom of the building, and the top and bottom of the roof. Isabel Sargent and David Holland in our Research team have been working on a small project to see whether it’s possible to automatically extract the shape class of each roof and whether buildings that don’t fit simple height data can be identified.

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