Support in Sudan – how mapping makes a difference!

As an organisation, we sponsor the charity MapAction. they provide mapping support in the aftermath of disasters where thousands of people can suddenly find themselves battling to save lives and livliehoods.  Before aid agencies can help them, the first requirement is information. Which areas have yet to be reached? Where are the relief resources? Where are the people in greatest need?

MapAction delivers this vital information in mapped form, from data gathered at the disaster scene. Creating a ‘shared operational picture’ is crucial for making informed decisions and delivering aid to the right place, quickly.

Ordnance Survey support the charity, both with funding and occasionally with personnel. Recently our colleague Chris Phillips has been in Sudan to help provide mapping and information management services following the impact of the serious flooding in the country.Heavy rain and flash floods in several areas of Sudan had affected up to 530,000 people. Between 15,000 and 18,000 houses had been destroyed, with Khartoum being the most-affected state. Read More


Mapping for emergencies: An update from Haiti

I’m now back in Britain having spent the last few months in Haiti working for MapAction, supporting the earthquake reconstruction work. I left with change in the air. Clouds have now moved into what was a clear sky, rain is getting increasingly frequent, almost every night, and there’s a breeze that can almost be described as cool (although unfortunately, it didn’t penetrate the canvas of our tents).

Chris working in Haiti for MapAction

Working in Haiti for MapAction

In light of the imminent rainy season and the hurricane season that will follow shortly afterward, efforts at recovery have almost been put on a back burner in favour of risk management and avoidance, as preparations (call it a battening down of hatches) are made to get through the next 4 or 5 months. Read More