GeoTech masterclass: GeoDataViz

GeoTech masterclasses are a popular series of events organised by the team at our Geovation Hub in Clerkenwell Green, London. These workshops are not to be missed and book up quickly and it was on a chilly November evening that the Hub played host to the GeoDataViz (GDV) team.

Kicking off the session was Charley Glynn who gave an overview of the team and the important role we play within OS. Our role involves making sense of complex data through compelling visuals and we do that through a number of different techniques and using a range of software.

To emphasise this Charley took us on a journey through some of our recent work including our visuals for the CityVerve project and OS Custom Made. You can find out more about our team and the type of work we do here.

Next up was Paul Naylor who introduced the new GeoDataViz toolkit, a set of assets and resources that can help with communicating data effectively through the design of compelling and informative visuals.

What is in the toolkit?

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Sign up for the open data workshop at the Geovation Hub in London

Want to go to a free event on Tuesday 3 November in the heart of tech-city? Well, the team over at Geovation are running their second GeoTech masterclass open data workshop that will teach you how to use openly available geospatial data in a Geographic Information System.

During the three-hour guided workshop you’ll undertake a practical workshop that will show you how to access open data, including Ordnance Survey’s new suite of highly detailed OS OpenData products. You’ll learn how to load, style and use the data to gain insights and make conclusions around environmental problems.

The class, which will take place at the Geovation Hub on Sekforde Street in Clerkenwell, the new home for developers interested in innovating using geospatial data. The session will run from 17.30–20:00 and led by Kealan Freeman and Daniel Hall Ballester – geospatial consultants at OS.


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Book a slot for the OS OpenData developer masterclass

Earlier in the year, we shared news with you about the latest suite of OS OpenData products that are available through our download portal. The four new products in the portfolio are OS Open Map – Local, OS Open Names, OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads. On Thursday 2 July, we’re running a free bite-sized masterclass where we’ll be taking a closer look at these products. We’ll be taking classmates on a journey, teaching them how to access, load, style and use the data in open source software – it’s sure to be a great session!

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Sign up for an opendata masterclass now

Together with Land Registry, we recently launched our eighth GeoVation Challenge – “How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?”. A share of £101,000 of funding is available to ideas that best address the long-term housing issues uncovered during our tried-and-trusted GeoVation Pow Wow methodology and you can check further details about how you can enter challenge on the GeoVation blog.

Entrepreneurs, developers, geographers, community groups and innovators are encouraged to enter the challenge – in fact anyone that believes they have a great idea that addresses the issues we’ve identified. Ideas must make use of Ordnance Survey and Land Registry data and to help you, we’ve organised a roadshow of free opendata masterclasses – check out this short promotional video to learn more about the events:

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OS OpenData masterclass materials available to download


We ran a series of free masterclasses this autumn to help new and existing open data users to gain a greater understanding of open data and the tools and techniques to use open datasets. Following the success of the masterclasses across Great Britain, many of you asked to have access to the training materials.

We’ve now made these available on our website for you to download datasets, open source GIS and workbooks to take you through the exercises.

OS OpenData Masterclass download screen shot

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