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2015 British Cycling Festivals

Looking for a way to enjoy cycling? Whether it’s family rides, extreme off-road or charity challenge rides, there are cycling festivals for beginners to hardcore enthusiasts this summer.

We’ve listed all the British cycling festivals we’ve found by month so you can easily find one, and included links to the organisers pages. Some are free events, while others are charged – please see the event organisers for details.

Cycling festivals

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Find off-road cycling routes in Hampshire with our new Activity Maps

Off-road cycling mapsWe’re often asked by holidaymakers and others wanting to discover more of the Great British outdoors near to their home, about the best way to see all that the local area has to offer, and about our favourite routes to follow. That got us thinking about how to use our mapping to help people find new activities and places to explore.

Following feedback asking us for easy to use and handle maps, showing existing routes with navigational guidance for those less confident with their map reading skills, we’ve partnered up with Hampshire County Council to create new, detailed off-road cycle maps – the first set of maps in a series that will cover Great Britain, focussing on five specific activities: off-road cycling, road cycling, road running, trail running and horse riding. Read More


A beginner’s guide to mountain biking

Mountain bikingOlympic and Tour de France successes may have given road biking a new lease of life, but that’s certainly not all the fun you can have on two wheels. In fact, whilst road cycling may be good for setting record times and trying to beat them – mountain biking is more about going out and having a blast. Whilst there may indeed be scope for races and time trials, the primary objective for many mountain bikers is to get outside, get muddy and get the heart racing.

So what does it take to start mountain biking and how can an eager amateur or interested outsider get involved? Read More