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OS returns to NWG’s Innovation Festival

Last week, we returned to Northumbrian Water Group (NWG)’s Innovation Festival to build on last year’s success of the underground mapping project (see our previous blog here).

Now in its third year, the festival tackles social and environmental challenges by applying problem solving techniques in sprints, data hacks and workshops over five action-packed days. Over 3,000 people attended from more than 700 organisations to put their minds together to develop innovative solutions to these problems. Read More


OS and Northumbrian Water create pioneering underground map

Last week, the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival took place – and it was a huge success! 510 of the world’s leading businesses and most innovative minds gathered for this event to tackle 13 major social and environmental challenges.

As detailed in our previous blog, our sprint team’s role at the festival was to create the first combined underground map of the region in collaboration with key stakeholders such as utilities, local authorities and partners. The idea was to create a Combined Infrastructure Map (CIM) for Newcastle and its surrounding area including water, wastewater, gas, electricity, telecoms and other underground services.

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Going underground at the NWG Innovation Festival

We have to say, the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival is a truly unique event. It focuses on several societal and environmental issues and, throughout the five day festival, those involved apply design thinking techniques to try and solve them.

Naturally, we have jumped at the chance to get involved. As geospatial data and mapping experts, we are addressing the issue of whether an underground map of the UK can be created. As part of the ‘Combined Underground Infrastructure Map’, we will be leading a sprint team to explore the possibility and consequent benefits of creating a collaborative underground dataset and map of the UK.

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