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How OS data is supporting the response to Covid-19

If you’re working with data to support a Covid-19 response, we can help you with location data analysis. And, did you know the public sector can access data and support from OS, free at the point of use? OS Principal Consultant Duncan Moss tells us more…

OS data is being used to respond to the pandemic, and much of this data is available now to the public sector under our mapping agreements, our partners and new customers. Read More


OS data helps identify where hedgehogs are most at risk

With such varied and comprehensive datasets, we often find our mapping being used in interesting and unexpected ways. Upon discovering the #HogsOnRoads appeal, we decided to find out more…

Using OS datasets, the Mammal Society has recently published research on when, where and why hedgehog roadkill is most likely to occur.

Funded by the Mammal Society, People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS), the research analysed more than 12,500 hedgehog roadkill records. Read More


PARD: a process to identify vulnerable citizens

“Geolocation is paramount for emergency response” and, as a systems developer at Falkirk Council, Avais Ijaz knows this more than anyone.
PARD temporary response hub.

For an event like this, a temporary “response hub” is set up.

On 1 December, Falkirk experienced a gas network failure which led to thousands of people being left without heat in freezing temperatures. Ensuring vulnerable people received the support they needed was a priority, so having the Persons at Risk Database (PARD) in place was key. With PARD in place, gas infrastructure company SGN and Falkirk’s Health & Social Care Partnership were able to get to the homes of the vulnerable and elderly efficiently.

What is PARD?

Read More


OS GitHub page has an overhaul

If you’re a user of OS data, you may well have explored our GitHub page. For those unfamiliar with GitHub, it is a web portal where the 28 million users primarily share code and engage at a technical level. GitHub has been adopted by a large number or commercial and public sector organisations, so we jumped at the chance to create a page and work closer with users of our products.

Having been active on GitHub for a while now, we’ve been able to receive feedback from OS partners and other users (including those who were at our technical showcase event). From this, we’ve recognised there was a lack of navigation on the page that made it tricky to locate content. Read More