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Ordnance Survey’s paper maps – can you make the cover? Launching the #OSphotofit competition

Today, we are launching a brand new competition for 2015 – OS Photofit – and we can’t wait for budding photographers across Britain to get involved!

To support our recent brand refresh and in light of the revival in sales of our paper maps, we are looking for inspiring photographs of Britain’s stunning rural and urban landscapes to take pride of place on the covers of our paper maps for some of the most popular tourist destinations and biggest cities across Great Britain.

Whether it’s flowing rivers, modern buildings, views of a valley or life in the city, we want to show that Great Britain is a beautiful place to enjoy and explore. What better way to do this than on the front covers of our iconic OS Explorer Outdoor Leisure series maps!

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Maintaining national coverage of paper maps in Great Britain – commitment from Ordnance Survey

You may have read articles in the media recently which reported that Ordnance Survey is to end its policy of routinely producing maps that cover the whole country. This is simply not true.

We would like to stress that this statement is wholly inaccurate and that we are committed to maintaining a national series of paper maps for both OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps. Paper maps are used by millions of outdoor enthusiasts every year enabling people to explore and enjoy Great Britain. Our paper products remain an important part of Ordnance Survey with nearly 2 million sold over the last year. Users will continue to be able to purchase paper maps covering the whole of Great Britain from many outlets, including our own online Map Shop. Read More


Custom made maps

If the idea of unique or bespoke mapping appeals to you then no doubt you’ll already be well aware of our OS Explorer Map – Custom Made and OS Landranger Map – Custom Made range. These new products, launched earlier this year, allow you to site-centre your map on any location in Great Britain. They have proven to be a huge hit, with nearly 12 000 people ordering their own personal mapping of Great Britain.

Our custom-made maps are unique, because you can put your favourite spot (such as your house, your favourite hiking route, the best local pub or your walking group’s meeting place) at the centre. This fact hasn’t been lost on accommodation owners, such as those running bed-and-breakfasts and campsites. They understand that their visitors want to find out what’s on offer in the local area and of course Ordnance Survey maps show every landmark you might want to visit, from walking trails to castles. The interest we’ve had from the accommodation trade shows us that personalised mapping isn’t just a great gift idea.

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How often do we update our paper maps?

I’m told by my colleagues in the customer service team that one of the most common questions we’re asked is ‘how often do you update your paper maps?’

It’s a very good question.

But there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer. The frequency depends on a combination of factors, the primary one being the amount of change that needs to be applied to the map since it was previously revised.

The popularity of the sheet is also a factor. A map covering an area popular with vistors such as the Lake District would take priority over a less-popular area, providing of course, that changes have occurred that would be important to the users – new footpaths, roads and a visitor centre for example.

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A history of the OS Landranger map

The OS Landranger map is well loved by all outdoor enthusiasts. Its history, as the leisure map to use for planning days out and activities extends back many years and several generations have relied upon on ‘the pink map’ for their active pursuits.

OS Landranger - Barrow in Furness

OS Landranger – Barrow in Furness

The following describes the background and series specification of this famous Ordnance Survey map, from the early days, through metrification to today. Read More