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Why speed data matters

Ordnance Survey (OS) Partner Basemap share their insights on speed data, why it matters and how their data is available via OS MasterMap Highways Network.

As autonomous vehicles develop around the world, we’re seeing a greater need for accurate data, both in live and static forms.

Live data enables dynamic routing, but it can be hard to pass the data from device to device quickly enough. A 5G network could help this issue, but it may take years to become a reality.

Static data is equally important as you need to have accurate base data which shows the difference between a road and a pavement, where a vehicle is allowed to drive, and any routing restrictions or speed limits. OS & GeoPlace have been working on this via the OS MasterMap Highways Network  product,  with Department for Transport investing £3 million pounds in its creation. Read More


Trkd: A new breed of tracker

Guest blog by OS Partner Rob Smith from Away Team Software

GPS revolution

Twenty years ago, photography was an expensive hobby which needed specialist kit. Then some bright spark had the idea of putting a digital camera into a mobile phone, and suddenly taking photos became cheap, easy and accessible to all. It was revolutionary.

Location tracking is undergoing a similar metamorphosis with the advent of apps like Trkd™ (pron. tracked). Using our space industry experience, Away Team has designed a GPS app perfectly tailored to mobile devices, to make the most of the limited resources available. It’s easy to use, small enough for budget phones, and supported by the free Maps service on our website to show users their tracks on OS Open Data maps and satellite images. Read More