os vectormap local


We’ve released our first fully automated product

We’ve released our first fully automated product derived from large scale source data. At a single press of a button we can create a premium national dataset using the most up-to-date Ordnance Survey (OS) source data in just eight days.

We started work on the project in April 2017 to fully automate the map production of OS VectorMap Local. 18 months later, we’ve released the new automated derived version of OS VectorMap Local, a world leading first!

Why did we want to create an automated product?

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Changing the way businesses and government use maps

Back in September 2009, at the annual AGI conference, we launched our first new vector product for over three yearsOS VectorMap Local.  Fast forward two years and we are seeing the product deliver important efficiency and service delivery benefits to business and government users across the country. These include leading global insurers RSA and Aviva, the Welsh Assembly Government, West Dorset District Council, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service and North Devon District Council. All government users have free access to the product under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement.

OS VectorMap Local provides an alternative to traditional raster mapping products, allowing users to completely customise the content, style and colour of the mapping to meet their own needs. Users can highlight and display specific features on the map as well as overlaying their own information, displaying exactly what they want. It is an ideal product to create bespoke mapping for any project or for web applications.  Read More