Pleasure pier quiz

As we begin the summer holidays and the heatwave continues, you may well find yourself heading to a beach with a pleasure pier. But which is the longest pleasure pier in Great Britain?

We’ve come up with the stats for the top 10 longest pleasure piers in Great Britain according to the National Piers Society, and we even have the dates of when they opened and original sizes of the ones which have had extensions.

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National Grid #CraftographyMap quiz

Our talented Craft Club created the fantastic Great British Craftography Mapand it’s currently up for auction to raise money for Solent Mind, our corporate charity. The crafty individuals recreated the Ordnance Survey National Grid into a 2.2m by 1.2m wall hanging with the 91 tiles showcasing 16 different craft techniques. Each tile represents a notable subject from the area covered – it could be a geographical feature, a well-known landmark, a local food, or even a craft or material associated with the area.

Just for fun, we have a #CraftographyMap quiz to test your knowledge of Britain. We’ve picked ten of the crafty tiles – can you tell us which areas of Britain they represent? Bonus points if you know the corresponding National Grid tile reference too…

1. The contours are mapped out for this lofty British mountain

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Test your racing track knowledge in our map quiz

Thousands of us will be off to Silverstone this weekend, or at least watching on TV as the British Grand Prix takes place. Silverstone is the current home of F1 in Britain, but Donington and Brands Hatch have also hosted races. There are number of other race tracks in Britain for motor-racing, motorcyles and even karting. Think you can name eight of them in our map quiz?

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Old football grounds quiz

With the football season for 2014-15 drawing to a close, and the Premier League playing their final games this weekend, we thought it was the perfect time to test your knowledge of former football grounds.

Old Football Grounds III

We maintain over 460 million features in our database, tracking 10,000+ changes a day. Road layouts change, houses are demolished, new estates are built and new football grounds take root. Our surveyors track changes on foot, whilst our Flying Unit take to the skies to ensure we have as accurate a picture of changing Britain as we possibly can. Read More


How well do you know your old football grounds?

Emirates Stadium 2014Over on our Facebook page and Twitter account we run a #ThrowbackThursday picture each week. It fascinates us, and it seems a lot of our followers, to look back at our historical maps, usually pre-1900, and compare the past and present. We’ll show nineteenth century sites, that if you were to visit them today, would have well-known landmarks on them. They can be anything from the Angel of the North to the Emirates Stadium (pictured right). Without fail, our followers can identify the modern sites, and we share an up-to-date map the next day to show how the area looks today.

While over a century has passed between the maps we share each #ThrowbackThursday, you don’t need to wait that long to spot changes on maps. Britain is constantly changing. We maintain over 460 million features in our database, tracking over 10,000 changes a day. Road layouts change, houses are demolished, new estates are built and new football grounds take root. Our surveyors track these changes on foot, whilst our Flying Unit take to the skies to ensure we have as accurate a picture of changing Britain as we possibly can. Read More


Historical maps quiz


Throughout the year we’ve published extracts of historical maps, many going back more than 100 years, on our Twitter feed. It’s fascinating to look at the old maps and see how much things have changes as roads and residential areas grow and previous landmarks, and countryside, often disappear.

We’ve been asking our followers if they can identify the well-known landmarks, sporting venues or places that now stand on the sites shown on the historical maps. How well do you think you can do? We’ve picked our ten favourites from the year to challenge you.  Just click on each image to see it more clearly – and let us know how you get on: Read More


Test your knowledge with a map symbol quiz

We thought it was about time to test your knowledge with a map symbols quiz. When you’re out and about using our well-known OS Landranger and OS Explorer Maps – do you know what all of the symbols mean? They’re there to give you valuable information about the environment you’re in.

Aside from highlighting tourist and leisure information, map symbols also provide vital information to let map readers know what to expect on the terrain they’re crossing. Information ranges from the kind of vegetation you can expect to encounter to detail on roads, public rights of way and even different rock features. If you would like to know more about map symbols, try the Simon King and Ordnance Survey video on understanding map symbols. It’s one of a series of short videos explaining the basics on using maps.

In the meantime though, have a go at our quiz and post your answers on the blog. We’ll be revealing the answers later…



GB cities quiz

overvew-gb-mapTime to challenge yourself – how well do you know Great Britain’s cities? You at the back, no Googling!

Question 1: In which city is the Great Central Railway, the only place in the world where you can see full-size steam engines passing each other, located?

A: Leeds

B: Birmingham

C: Leicester

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What happens to old football grounds?

On my drive to work each day, I pass the ‘old’ Ordnance Survey site. We moved out of our former head office in 2010 and the buildings have long since been demolished, with the Compass Point housing estate emerging in its place. As you read this article, hundreds of changes will be taking place across Great Britain. We live in a world that is constantly evolving, from news-worthy changes such as the demolition of the towers at Didcot power station, to the more subtle as a building changes use from a pub into a convenience store.


Ordnance Survey’s former head office

Our master map of the country contains an amazing 460,000,000 features and the database processes around 10,000 changes a day. Our surveyors and our Flying Unit are constantly travelling the length and breadth of Britain to capture these changes and ensure they’re on the map.

One of the less frequent changes that they capture, but that often leads to a huge redevelopment, can be from the sites of vacated football grounds. West Ham are due to move into the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford in 2016 – and they’re just the latest in a series of clubs that have been rebuilding or relocating in the last 20 or so years. Read More


Isle of Wight Autumn Walking Weekend Quiz

Later this month walkers from across Britain will descend upon the Isle of Wight for its autumn walking festival. With plenty of routes around the island – both countryside and coastal – as well as quaint villages to call into along the way, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

IOW-CustomMadeWith the festival now in its 16th year, many locals and regulars alike would fancy themselves as pretty knowledgeable on the subject, but the proof of that is in our fiendishly difficult quiz.

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